#NoBoxBlogs Project – Free Blogs for Homeless Worldwide

The concept is simple; to create a Blog for homeless individuals worldwide. Starting June 6th 2011, 1 Blog will be created for a homeless individual upon request for free.

The task is simple; after speaking with a homeless person and learning what domain (mywebsitename.com) they would prefer, one will be purchased for them for $10. Then a Blog will be installed and hosted on a secured web hosting server provided by Inspired Design & Development, at the cost of $5 as a setup fee. After installation and setup of both the domain and hosting, the homeless person will choose from a selection of free WordPress themes to be used as their Blog. Finally, they will be shown on how easy it is to control and update their very own Blog.

The reason is simple; having a Blog opens a world of possibilities – literally. Nowadays, our lives and our world is online. Giving a homeless individual a Blog enables them to improve, progress and change their lives. A Blog gives them a global voice to not only state to the world “I AM VISIBLE”, but also the therapeutic practice of venting their frustrations, networking with others locally and abroad, learning from and teaching others how to survive, and telling their raw stories to the world. Their Blog will be the place to host their resume, create and communicate with friends and family, showcase their passions whether it’s writing, drawing, handmade creations or even develop a barter network where they can trade items they find on the streets.

#NoBoxBlogs Project doesn’t only deliver a Blog to a homeless individual, but also office-like software (such as documents, spreadsheets and presentation software provided by Google Apps) behind the scenes in which only they can access. They can keep track of their contacts, brainstorming ideas, and other resourceful notes to help them improve and progress their current situation. Most importantly, they will also be provided an Email account such as myname@mywebsitename.com where potential employers, clients, friends and family can communicate via Email. Their Blog will have a Contact page allowing anyone to Email them at anytime. And if they have a bank account, they have the option of adding a Donate button provided by PayPal, where anyone in the world can donate money to them and help them get back on their feet.

How can a homeless person get online to use their Blog or Email?
Anyone can get online from almost anywhere at almost anytime. If a homeless person does not have a laptop or phone capable of getting online, they can take advantage of computer rooms provided by public libraries or colleges/universities. Thankfully, even some shelters, non-profits and coffee shops have computers accessible free of charge. If a homeless person does have a laptop or phone capable of getting online, they can use WiFi services made available for free at numerous locations such as McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast-food restaurants; coffee shops such as Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee & Tea, public libraries, FedEx Office locations, Panera Bread Bakery, or befriend a local resident and use their public WiFi connection. This is only a small example!

If a homeless person who wishes to have their own Blog, is unable to get online often enough to post their thoughts, ideas, resume, articles etc. I will accept letters delivered to my business address below. All they need to do is give their name, the name of their domain, article title and write anything they wish as if they were the one typing it up. I will copy it word for word onto their very own Blog.

Please send letters to:
Inspired Design & Development
c/o #NoBoxBlogs Project
PO Box 2943
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Who will head the #NoBoxBlogs Project?
Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Mooch, and I am the Founder & Lead Developer of Inspired Design & Development; an international Website & Branding company. For nearly 15 years, I’ve been heading projects such as designing and developing websites, custom graphic design work such as logos and print media for small businesses, non-profits, authors, sports teams and more. I also give free lifetime support to all clients no matter their project because I appreciate them allowing me to turn my passion into my profession. Without my clients, I would not own a business, and I would not be capable of heading the #NoBoxBlogs Project.

I am also homeless – since September 1st, 2010, I have been living in my car in southern California. I never had a Blog until 3 weeks after living in my car. I started it up to keep track of my progress as I aimed to better my life by saving as much money as possible, while continue to build my business from the ground up – literally. Before ‘Doing It Homeless’ I had a small handful of clients; today I have 60+ in 4 countries on 3 continents. So I can personally testify how much having a Blog can benefit a homeless person.

Since I started ‘Doing It Homeless’ I have befriended 1000s of people around the world via my Blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I have learned what homelessness really looks like, and how a lot of people are either temporarily homeless due to the economy, or are down on their luck due to family or medical issues. Giving them a Blog gives them an outlet unlike any other. The most popular Blog post I have ever written with 1000s of views, is Homelessness + Internet Access = Change! I wonder why?

I plan on using my own money throughout the entire project, but if you agree this simple concept can profoundly change real people’s lives, I encourage you to help support the #NoBoxBlogs Project in anyway you can. Whether it’s sharing this article to your friends, family, co-workers or someone you think can help make a difference, or even donating as little as $1 via the Support The Project page. I am not a non-profit, so I cannot offer you a tax write-off. I am simply offering you the chance to help a simple guy carry-out a simple idea to homeless people worldwide in hopes to better their lives.

If you’d like to see a real example of how this will affect a homeless person, please visit my friend’s new blog at http://osumpinkgirl.com. Please comment below if you have any questions or concerns. I appreciate you reading, thank you.

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  1. I’m sorry I’m Tambra white I had findingawayhome.com I
    dont know exactly what I did wrong. How ever I’m fixing to be homeless again. I’m terrified Have I lost it forever?? I’d love to know plz. Can some one plz help me? Thanks so much

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