Terms of Service

Each individual Blog will be 100% accessible and controlled by the given individual. The individual is only limited by his/her knowledge and experience, so by giving them 100% access to their Blog, they have the freedom to ‘learn by doing’.

Giving each individual 100% access to their Blog also means they are capable of deleting or inadvertently messing something up. Therefore, each Blog is manually and/or automatically backed up once a week. In case such incidents occur, a previous version of their Blog (which is always no more than 7 days old) can then be re-published without issue.

Free support and maintenance is available to each individual and their Blog upon request. This means #NoBoxBlogs Project Admin(s) must also have 100% access to each individual Blog. By accepting a free Blog, you agree to, and understand that #NoBoxBlogs Project Admin(s) may access your website at anytime deemed necessary for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

  • weekly database and file backup
  • requested maintenance or troubleshooting
  • website training
  • search engine optimization
  • troubleshooting known big fixes

Out of respect and principle, your website will never be accessed by #NoBoxBlogs Project Admin(s) without asking your permission; or notification beforehand if you cannot be reached.

Every free Blog will remain free to each given individual for as long as they wish to use it. No Blog will be taken down unless requested by the individual owner, or if any illegal or defamatory content is published. This includes, but is not limited to pornography, directions or instructions pertaining to illegal acts, or direct threats to do physical harm to an individual.

This Terms of Service may be updated at a future date, so please check back on occasion, or contact us if you have any questions.

If you’d like to support #NoBoxBlogs Project, please share this website or visit the Support The Project page.