This page is dedicated to the generous testimonials given to us from the #NoBoxBloggers themselves. It is our goal to showcase how this unique project can (and does) benefit those that choose to participate. So to all of you, we thank you!

#NoBoxBlogsI feel it helped me so much to have a place to share my feelings, my stories and my art. It was inspirational reading the other blogs from the homeless. #NoBoxBlogs reaching out and giving me a voice was the beginning of something for me. It gave me my power back. It gave me my strength back. It gave me my voice and I am forever grateful for that! I have recommended the #NoBoxBlogs Project to a couple people who asked about websites.

Living in a very small town with one red light, we don’t have homeless where you can be seen, when I lived in the woods I would run into others but there are no homeless shelters or outreach programs in my area. I did see a homeless man a few months ago at a red light that I stopped at, and gave food and money to but I didn’t get his story. It’s a rare sight to see that here. But I will keep my eyes and ears opened and help anyway I can! Thank you again.

– Angel, stonedangel.com

#NoBoxBlogsI want to give a huge shout out to the #NoBoxBlogs Project. When my husband and I were homeless, my daughter paid for a cell phone with internet and gave it to me. I began looking on Facebook and Twitter, reaching out to help and provide resources for the homeless. Then I began following Mooch @Doingithomeless (aka JL Faverio). JL had started the #NoBoxBlogs Project and I was so excited to get a blog and begin my journey out of homelessness. Jimmyally.com was born and had a life of its own. Through the tool of blogging, I became so encouraged. I was new to this, so I had locked myself out, lost passwords etc. And any questions that I had about how or what to do from an admin standpoint, JL was always available to fix my mistakes, or answer any questions I had.

Today, my husband and I are no longer homeless, we are currently both employed and own a small trailer. I share my story often to encourage others. I continue to give back through a homeless ministry where I am the Assistant Director, and through street ministry on my own, and through social media. Blessings!

– Ally, jimmyally.com

#NoBoxBlogsAs we know web presence is everything no matter where you are in life. When I first got my #NoBoxBlog, I was not doing that great. I was – let’s just say – without a residence I could call home at the time. All I had a was a Twitter and a Facebook. So I was really excited about the idea of having my own personal web address that was also my Twitter name. The #NoBoxBlogs Project did this for free. Including the special detail of turning it pink just for me! I think it looks amazing. Even though it’s been nearly 3 years, JL continues to pay the fees associated with it. I really appreciate it so very much.

After a long absence from using it I’m happy to report I’m back and posting pinker things than ever:). Anyone is welcome to check it out when you can :). Thank you!

– Osumpinkgirl, osumpinkgirl.com

#NoBoxBlogsI have been a free-sleeper (or as some people like to call it, homeless) for almost 3 years. Wow, the time goes fast. I was fortunate to have learned of the #NoBoxBlogs Project just before I started my adventure of living in my van. I had very little money when I started and the idea of a free blog really appealed to me.

I’ve been very secretive about my van living experience because I run a teeny, tiny business (getting bigger now!) and I was afraid my clients would fire me if they knew I was “homeless”. My blog has allowed me to share my fears, my hopes and my dreams with the world without messing up my life. It has also helped me stay organized and helps me remember things. Without it, I don’t know that I could have even told you how long I’ve been “out here”. My blog has also chronicled events that have happened in my life. I’ve been able to look things up and relive them. I have also been able to see my growth as a person from the time I started until today.

And even though I’ve never had to pay a dime for this blog, any time I’ve had a problem (like the time I got freaked out and deleted all my posts then wanted them back!) JL has responded promptly to my email or phone call and helped me with my issue.

– Maureen, livinginmyvan.com

#NoBoxBlogsI remember when I first became homeless, I thought of it as if I were staging a battlefield, and figured first thing was to establish a base of communications. The internet, and especially social media is key to keeping in contact with “the outside world”.

My boy Mooch (@DoingitHomeless on Twitter) and his #NoBoxBlogs Project have given countless opportunities to people like myself by giving them the tools to succeed. Anyone who is homeless or non profits advocating for them, can get a free website and hosting. If you don’t know how to maintain and use a website, a #NoBoxBlogs Admin will not only help set it up for you, they will teach you the process so you can do it for yourself.

People need inspiration, hope, and a little help at times. Few are as dedicated as Mooch and his team in giving people that push to succeed. Simply said: My hats’s off, my friend. We need more like you.

Gary, homelesslife.com

More client testimonials coming soon.