Go to your Blog (mywebsitename.com), scroll to the bottom and click Login. Enter the username and password given to you, and click Login. You should now see your Dashboard. This is where you can edit/update your website live anytime you wish.

There are 3 main areas of your Dashboard you’ll be using; Posts, Media & Pages. Please see below for straight forward instructions on how to edit/update your website.

PASSWORD – Please change your password.

  • Click Users from the left sidebar, then your login name.Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.41.48 PM
  • Scroll to the bottom and enter a new password in both boxes provided.
  • Click the blue Update Profile button below.

POSTS – Adding a new Blog post to your website.add_new_post4


  • Click Posts from the left sidebar, then Add New.
  • Input a Title, then verbiage below.
  • On the right side, select an appropriate category (or click Add New Category to create a new one).
  • Below Categories, add up to 10 relevant keywords, referred to here as Tags.
  • Click the blue Publish button at top right.

PAGES – Adding a static Page to your website.


  • Click Pages from the left sidebar, then Add New.
  • Input a Title, then verbiage below.
  • Click the blue Publish button at top right.


MENU – Adding to or rearranging your website navigation.

  • Click Appearance from the left sidebar, then Menus.
  • On the left side, in a box titled Pages, select the page(s) you wish to add, then click Add To Menu.pages-module-for-menus
  • On the right side is a list of your Menu. To rearrange, click and hold one of the buttons and drag to your desired position.menu-tabs-on-right1 (1)
  • When satisfied with your Menu’s order, click the blue Save Menu button at top right.

IMAGES – Adding images to your pages/posts.

  • Click on the Add Media button above the box where you wrote your post.addmedia
  • Once you’ve opened your Media Manager, you can select the files you want to upload from your computer (hint: click Select Files) or drag and drop the files right from your computer’s desktop to the Insert Media screen.afteraddmediabutton-1
  • At the top of the Media Manager, you’ll see two options: Upload Files,  where your new images will appear as they upload, and Media Library, where you can access your entire library of images.


  • Once the upload process is complete, you can click on an individual photo to edit its settings on the right, under Attachment Details, before inserting it into your post.



  • You can Select your preferred image alignment (Left is recommended) and select your preferred size (Thumbnail is recommended).





  •  When satisfied with the image you’ve added, click the blue Publish or Update button at top right. If unsatisfied, click the image once, then click the red circle and repeat the above steps with different options.mlibrary

HEADER – Adding an image to your header.

  • Click Appearance from the left sidebar, then Header.
  • From center page, click Choose File to locate an image from your computer, then click Upload.chairheader
  • You may choose one of the default images by selecting your preferred image, then click the blue Save Changes button at the bottom.

SIDEBAR – Adding content to your sidebar.

  • Click Appearance from the left sidebar, then Widgets.
  • On the right side, in a box titled Primary Widget Area, click the arrow to the right of the Widget you wish to edit.Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.39.54 PM
  • The easiest one to edit would be the widget titled Text, however, you can experiment with the ones listed on the left or right.
  • When satisfied with your widget, click the blue Save button at bottom right.
  • If you wish to rearrange your widgets, or add more to the other 5 Widget Areas, simply click and drag widgets from the left side of the page, to your preferred widget area.

If you have any questions, you may contact us or add a comment below.